A top movie screenwriter has revealed Sarah Ferguson would have been caught up in the post-terrorist attack World Trade Center collapse on 9/11 if it wasn't for a TV interview. Actor/writer Mike Binder was promoting his short-lived TV series THE MIND OF THE MARRIED MAN on US news show Good Morning America when New York's Twin Towers came crashing down - and he remembers the chaos of the morning well. One thing that he'll always remember is the British royal's reaction to the terrorist attacks - because she was in the studio with him. Binder, who has since written and directed new drama REIGN OVER ME - focusing on the men and women still trying to come to terms with the horrors of 9/11, says, "I was actually on Good Morning America, being interviewed, when the first plane hit. I was sitting next to Sarah Ferguson. "Fergie had just left the World Trade Center. Her office was there and if she hadn't left to be on Good Morning America she'd be dead. We were all stuck there for a while." Binder is still troubled by the memory of the desperate men and women he bumped into while walking through New York the night after the tragedy: "I remember seeing this woman in Bryant Park and she was just crying hysterically and people were trying to calm her down. I could only imagine who she lost."