Sarah Harding has branded Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's butt tattoo ''ridiculous''.

The 32-year-old singer - who was part of Girls Aloud alongside Cheryl for 11 years - thinks the 'Crazy Stupid Love' hitmaker's huge rose-print inking is meaningless.

Sarah - who has a phoenix tattooed on her back - told The Sun newspaper's TV magazine: ''Oh God, it's ridiculous. My tattoo has meaning. I don't know what hers means.''

The blonde beauty is happy to fight Cheryl for the limelight as their shows, 'Tumble' - on which she is a contestant - and 'The X Factor', go head-to-head for Saturday night's top television ratings.

She quipped: '''X Factor'. What 'X Factor'? Who knows if I'll tune in. Let's not talk about ITV. I'm a BBC girl these days.''

Cheryl sat for three eight-hour sessions to complete her infamous tattoo, but insisted she didn't find the pain ''too bad''.

She previously said: ''I have three tattoos, this one, one on the back of my neck and the rose. The guy that did it is a proper artist, he does oil paintings, he's unbelievably talented.

''It took about three 7-8 hour sessions. It was fine, I didn't get it all done in the one go and he's really amazing at what he does so it wasn't too bad.''