Sarah Harding is ''200 per cent better'' after rehab.

The Girls Aloud singer checked into a rehabilitation facility for three weeks in October 2011 to be treated for an addiction to sleeping pills and alcohol, and believes her attitude to life has improved dramatically since.

She said: ''I'm 200 percent better in terms of my inner strength and attitude. I'm a lot calmer. I still have my hyper days, but I just take one day at a time.

''In the band it was a rollercoaster. And yes, I have learned from my mistakes.''

The 31-year-old blonde was in a bad place following the break-up of her relationship to former fiancé Tom Crane, but she claims she doesn't have to restrict her alcohol intake nowadays because it was a ''different'' time.

She explained: ''I'm just like any normal person, I have a drink. Back then I was going through a break-up. That was then and this is now and, yes, things are different.

''I still like the odd night out with my friends and on tour we had an after-party in London, another in Manchester and one in Dublin, which people set up for us.''

Sarah also credits her more grown-up lifestyle in the English countryside with helping turn her life around and getting over her ''crazy'' partying phase.

She told the new issue of LOOK magazine: ''In your 20s, you're supposed to be a little bit crazy. You're getting to know where you are, and for me my life was crazy anyway because of what I was doing for a job.

''It's easy to get drawn into that. But these days I'm out of London and in the countryside.''