Sarah Harding has been banned from driving and fined £500 for using her mobile phone at the wheel, MTV have reported. The Girls Aloud star appeared at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court today (April 16, 2013) to answer the charges and it didn’t turn out well for the star who was unable to wriggle out of the punishment that greeted her.

Harding already had nine points for speeding on her license, as she headed to court, suggesting that she perhaps isn’t the most diligent of drivers. She landed a £500 fine for being caught on her mobile whilst driving and was also ordered to pay a £20 victim support surcharge as well as an extra £85 in prosecution costs. Harding’s lawyer Nick Freeman did his best to defend the pop singer but there was simply no convincing the judge. Freeman attempted to argue the case that she was only using her mobile phone because she was lost on the way to a business meeting when the police spotted her. We’re not sure which legal school Freeman went to but using a phone while driving ‘because you are lost’ doesn’t actually stop it being ‘very much against the law.’

Judge Nina Tempia wasn’t about to fall for Freeman’s sob story, it seems and said to Sarah “He is asking the court to deal with you as opposed to a normal person. Well, you are a normal person. I can see no reason why you shouldn't be disqualified." And boom! She disqualified her. 

Sarah Harding
Sarah Harding, leaving court. She won't be driving home, that's for sure... 

Sarah HardingSarah Harding: banned from driving