Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams have ''no wedding plans''.

The couple - who got engaged in July 2019 - were hoping to start discussing their upcoming nuptials at this time but due to the coronavirus pandemic, they have had to push back their discussions.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, he said: ''There are no wedding plans. The thought was that we'd start thinking about that around this time, but now this is happening. What's the point of even trying to get something solidified with everything being so up in the air?''

Meanwhile, the 'Modern Family' actress previously confessed she discussed marriage with Wells ''four days after'' they started dating.

She gushed: ''I asked him when he was going to ask me to be his girlfriend. I'm impatient. We were talking about what kinds of weddings we wanted four days after we made things official. I hate that typical cliché of 'when you know, you know,' but it's so f***ing true. At least it was for me.''

And Wells previously revealed he and Sarah were already thinking about when they want to have children and can't wait to start a family.

He said: ''I'm the youngest of five. I want a family. She does as well but we're both super career oriented and driven right now so that's not front of mind. It will happen down the line. I'm lucky enough that she's a lot younger than I am so I don't think she's in any hurry. If she was my age, I think she would probably have a different thought about that.''

Speaking about wedding planning, he added: ''Now I think we will start figuring out all that stuff out. She was working so much and I was working a lot where we weren't able to focus in on that but now that she has some time off, we'll be able to get some things together.''