Sarah Hyland postponed her wedding in order to ''focus on what's important right now'' amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The 29-year-old actress was supposed to tie the knot with Wells Adams this year, but the pair have put their plans on hold amid the global health crisis, because Sarah wants to ''focus on political things rather than wedding things''.

She said: ''We definitely want to get married one day and have the wedding of our dreams and have everybody that we love there.

''But we postponed wedding planning because we want to be able to focus on what's important right now, and that's helping to spread information to wear masks and to only go out for essential needs and also take a really big look inside yourself and reflect on how you treat others.

''There's a lot of learning, and I'm really more focused on political things rather than wedding things. There is a lot going on in the world right now and that's what we should be focused on.''

And whilst quarantining amid the pandemic has been difficult for the couple, they are able to see the silver linings during self isolation, including noting they've grown even closer over the last few months.

Wells, 36, added to People magazine: ''One of the only positive things that has come out of this is we're forced to slow down and maybe think about things in a different way. There is a little bit of silver lining. Maybe something good can come out of this. And I've found it really wonderful to be with Sarah this entire time. It's been nice to get to know her on a deeper level. Before, we were working so much that it was a little bit like ships passing in the night. It's been nice to keep falling in love with Sarah.''

The couple announced they were postponing their wedding last month, when the 'Modern Family' actress said her battle with kidney dysplasia - which she was diagnosed with as a child - has made it too risky for her to attend events with large gatherings.

She said: ''We have no plans as of right now. We've put all planning on hold.

''All of my family is mostly on the East Coast, so for them to fly out ... and just ages and of course with my health risks, we want to be as safe as possible.''