Sarah Jessica Parker is Carrie Bradshaw. Ok maybe they’re not totally the same person, but the actress and the famous character she played are inextricably linked forever in our minds. Every time Sarah finds herself on a red carpet you hear things like ‘Sarah wearing a very Carrie-esque dress ’ or ’what would Carrie Bradshaw make of Sarah’s fashion choice?’ We just can't get away from the comparisons. Which brings us to Sarah’s latest interview, Vogue’s 5 minute quick-fire walk through of her New York townhouse. So is Sarah, Carrie? Well this recent insight has left us drawing comparisons all over again.

Sarah Jessica Parker invited us and Vogue into her New York townhouseSarah Jessica Parker invited us and Vogue into her New York townhouse

Firstly Sarah’s house is beautiful, it’s impeccably decorated and has a wonderful old worldly, vintage feel. Actually, it’s miles away from the apartment she nearly bought with Mr Big in the ‘Sex and the City’ movie. The real life Parker digs are little more what you’d image Carrie would have had if she’d married Aidan. It’s also pretty full of everything from globes to baseballs and lots and lots of books. You can easily spot what might be a few touches from her husband Matthew Broderick (ping pong table!) We’re going to say cluttered chic, but of course this is meant in the most complimentary way possible.

Other than Mr Big and her gal pals, Carrie’s major love affair in ‘Sex and the City’ was with the city itself, a love that the actress also shares. When asked to describe living in her home city in three words Sarah chose ‘symphonic, tiny and real’. She also said she wouldn’t voluntarily give up living there, perhaps she’s learnt form Carrie’s short lived Paris relocation. While her favourite thing to do in the city isn't check out the latest trendy hotspot, instead it's good old fashioned walking, presumably not in Manolo Blahnik heels.

In the interview Parker told us many of her ‘favourite’ things. Most notably might be her favourite movie, ‘The Way We Were’. The 1973 romantic drama starring Robert Redford and Barbara Streisand, is of course a soppy classic, but Carrie Bradshaw drew many real life comparisons with the film. She confused Mr Big back when he got engaged to Natasha by telling him ‘your girl is lovely Hubble’ a direct quote from the movie. Carrie related to Streisand’s character who was just a bit too curly haired and complicated for Hubble, just like Carrie was for Mr Big. We’re not sure if Sarah feels the same deep connection.

Sarah shares her home with husband Matthew BroderickSarah shares her home with husband Matthew Broderick

Of course writer Carrie would be very proud of Sarah’s mammoth collection of books, shown in her painted green living room. She reveals the book she read in school that shaped her is ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ but we just can't help wondering if ‘Love Letters of Great Men’ is somewhere within her collection. Reading is definitely a major part of Sarah’s life, she describes it as her 'favourite way to decompress'. There’s no doubt that Carrie would also be proud of Sarah’s admiration for writers. She chose Pulitzer prize winning editor of the ‘New Yorker’ David Remnick as the person she’d most like to have coffee with and author Jane Jacobs was her pick for historical figure.

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