Sarah Michelle Gellar won't allow her daughter to use social media until she is older.

The 45-year-old actress is mother to Charlotte, 13, and 10-year-old Rocky with husband Freddie Prinze Jr, 46, and explained that while her son "doesn't care" about having a social media presence, she has ongoing conversations with her daughter about opening an account on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok because she needs to understand the "permanent" nature of what she puts online.

She said: "My son doesn't care. That's not his world. It's definitely something my daughter and I discuss. It's an ever-evolving conversation. Obviously, there will be a time when I can't say no anymore because I'll be keeping her away from the way her generation communicates. But I also need to wait until she gets to a point where she understands the permanence of what you put out there."

The 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' star also went on to joke that while she is "safe" because her son wants to be an architect, her daughter has "definitely" become interested in an acting career after accompanying her to the set of her new movie.

She told the new issue of Us Weekly Magazine: "When I [started] 'Do Revenge', I took Charlotte, and she sat on set every day, so I think it was something she felt very much a part of. Wolf Pack is something they're both excited about. My son wants to be a race car driver and an architect, so I'm totally safe there, [but] my daughter is definitely showing interest."