Politics: The science of governmental affairs or getting your book, which features pages and pages of praise about yourself out in time for the presidential debate? “Our Sarah: Made in Alaska” a new book by Sarah Palin’s father and brother features some insights into Palin’s life growing up.

An endorsement prefixes the writings in this book, written by Sarah herself, reports The Washington Post. It reads: “Having written books of my own, I know how exhausting producing a manuscript can be. . . I hope you’ll be inspired by their stories and by the warm Alaskan spirit they reflect,” so at least now we know she endorses the amount of good things said about her. Interested in global affairs from a young age: “When she was in elementary school, Dad would bring in the newspaper and take out the sports section. . . Sarah was busy reading the front-page articles about world events.” Instead of reading the sports section, she’d play it, with a prominent basketball talent, which shaped her political dealings. “Her aggressive style of play more than made up for her lack of size and shooting ability. She simply outhustled her opponents and wore them down.” Sounds about right.

From this book, it seems as though a career in anything but right-wing politics would have been astounding. Competing in the Miss Wasilla pageant she said “Yes, I think a woman could be vice president. I think a woman could be president.”