Sarah Palin's car is being auctioned off by her hometown. The SUV is the car she drove during her time as the mayor of the city. Sadly, for the car and the city, the vehicle has failed to generate much interest - with only two bids at just over the minimum starting bid of $10 000.

The Alaskan city of Wasilla in Alaska listed the SUV on ebay and attempted to generate more interest by mentioning the previous owner's name, as reported by The Huffington Post.

The listing reads: "Surplus City of Wasilla vehicle purchased new in 1999 for Mayor Sarah Palin official use, needs new brakes, wheel seals, and idle control valve." Opening bids for the 1999 Ford Expedition started at $10 000 (£6 200). 

In this instance, name dropping appears to have discouraged buyers from purchasing the car. Furthermore, the bids have only been placed since the news hit the headlines. Since the car was listed on Monday (18th November) only two bids have been placed, both on Thursday (21st November). 

Palin is certainly a controversial figure in American - and world - politics; notoriously right wing (something of an understatement) she is the darling of the Tea Party and a vice presidential candidate. She is pro- drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; in support of the teaching of creationism in schools; and is (this should go without saying) a staunch supporter of the NRA. 

Ironically, as Sky News reported, the city had hoped 'fans' of Palin would 'find some historic value in the car.'

So far the bidding remains at $10100 and is due to end on Wednesday 27th November. 

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin is a controversial figure in American politics.

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin's car has finally recieved two bids.