Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor have worked out a rotational system to spend time together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple don't live together but have houses that are ''about five minutes'' away from one another, and so have put together the perfect schedule in order to spend time with one another, as well as enjoy a few days a week on their own.

Holland revealed: ''Sarah has a house about five minutes from me. So we spend the long weekend up at her house, and I'm by myself here for two days, and we spend one day together here. So we go back and forth. That's actually good to be moving around, to have change, because it's like - life is really, really strange.''

The 77-year-old actress - who has been dating Sarah, 45, since 2015 - loves spending time with her girlfriend, but also admitted she relishes the days she spends by herself, because she's been ''independent all [her] life''.

She added: ''I mean, we're mostly together, and we both have a little time where you just don't have anybody to answer to, without any sort of accommodating someone else's plans. So it's good for me because I'm older, and I've been so independent all my life, so it works out well.''

The pandemic has impacted both Holland and Sarah's careers as actresses, and the 'Hollywood' star has admitted she doesn't know when she'll get the chance to work again.

She said: ''And of course, I won't be able to work until this is over. Except for very unusual circumstances. I don't know what it will be like when actors can really be in a big film production, 150 people.''

When she is working, Holland believes her career is a ''real privilege'', as she knows there are women who don't have the ''free agency'' she does.

Speaking to Vulture, she said: ''I would say I think it is interesting to notice in my life that the free agency that I've had is not given to many women. And it's a real privilege and it's a real gift from good fortune to live an actor's life, because it's a highly privileged life. You have a lot of time off. You have a very changeable life. You have a life filled with not only the variety of your activity, but the variety of all the people that you're thrown in the company of and the different places that you go.

''I think it's a matchless life. And I've had a long, long, long career that has taken me far and wide and has brought so many remarkable people. Every job usually leaves you with a friend from that job who is a very valuable, savoury taste of your life. So it's a matchless life to have.''