The eagerly anticipated live action adaptation of 'Ghost in the Shell' is finally here, and it seems it has been quite the adventure for star Scarlett Johansson. She's had to fight against a lot of critics, but nothing could possibly ruin this experience for her.

Scarlett Johansson stars in 'Ghost in the Shell'Scarlett Johansson stars in 'Ghost in the Shell'

Despite having been involved in a number of creative science fiction projects, the actress insists that there's never been anything quite like 'Ghost in the Shell', which follows a young woman who is enlisted into a counter-terrorism operation after her body is destroyed and her brain is implanted into a synthetic form.

'This experience has been like nothing else I've ever had before', Scarlett said of playing lead character, the Major. 'It's a ride for sure.'

Watch the trailer for 'Ghost in the Shell' here:


And while she describes director Rupert Sanders as 'a visionary' when it came to this live action reboot, the director of the original anime moviers Mamoru Oshii had nothing but praise to lay on Scarlett herself. 'Scarlett Johansson playing Motoko from beginning to end has gone above and beyond my expectations for the role', he said.

If you don't count her continuing stint as Black Widow in the Marvel movies, the 32-year-old's previous sci-fi ventures include Luc Besson's 2014 movie 'Lucy' in which she played a woman who is infected with a drug that allows her to access every corner of her mind, 2013's surreal creation 'Under the Skin' where she is an alien who comes to Earth to harvest human prey and the Oscar winning 'Her' in which she voiced an AI computer operating system with which Joaquin Phoenix's character falls in love.  

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Scarlett is currently filming 'Avengers: Infinity War', but that could be the only sci-fi movie she does for a while. She is also set to lend her voice to Wes Anderson's forthcoming animation 'Isle Of Dogs', and will star in the comedy drama 'Rought Night' later this year about a bachelorette party that goes wrong when a male stripper ends up dead at her Miami beach house.