Scarlett Johansson announced her own good news this week – the Avengers actress is expecting. And while pregnancy, especially the early days, can be a trying time, Johansson seems to be adjusting nicely to her pending role as a new mum. So says Jon Favreau, Johannson’s long time friend, Iron Man and Iron Man 2 helmer and director of the upcoming comedy Chef, which stars Johansson.

Jon Favreau
Director and longtime pal Jon Favreau is confident in Johansson's parenting skills.

"She'll be wonderful," Favreau told E! News on Friday at the movie's opening night premiere at the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin. He explained further: “She's one of my favorite people because she's smart, she's talented and she's really down to earth and a hard worker," Favreau said.

"I like a hard worker. She really did a lot of work to train to play Black Widow [in the Avengers movies]. She's always pleasant to be around and she's got really good instincts about scenes, she helped me on Chef, she helped me a lot with the script and her character. She's good people.”

Scarkett Johansson
Johansson has been flooded with work recently, including a supporting part in Favreau's latest comedy, Chef.

As for Chef, which was the main point of Favreau’s SXSW visit anyway, it centers on a celebrity chef (Favreau himself) who goes into the food truck business when his restaurant career implodes after he receives a two-star rating as part of a scathing review by one of L.A.'s top critics (Oliver Platt). Johansson plays a restaurant hostess and the protagonist’s potential love interest.

Scarlett Johansson, Romain Dauriac
She and fiance Romain Dauriac are yet to confirm the good news.