The School of Rock - Jack Black interview

28 January 2004

The School Of Rock
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Jack Black interview

Hell-raising guitarist Dewey Finn (Jack Black) is anti-establishment to the hilt, irreverent to the max, and worships the power of rock and roll. With a penchant for stage-dives and 20-minute solos, Dewy is determined to lead his rock group to victory at the local Battle of the Bands… but his band mates fire him instead.

Down-and-out, Dewey picks up a phone call intended for his roommate Ned (Mike White), and impulsively accepts a job as a substitute teacher. While Dewey might not have a clue how to teach, he does know how to inspire confidence in his young fifth graders.

When he accidentally overhears them performing in an orchestra class, he decides to mould these young musical prodigies into a high-voltage rock band, which will change their lives forever.

JACK BLACK (Dewey Finn) has appeared in such motion pictures as Stephen Frears’ critically acclaimed comedy “High Fidelity,” in which he played Barry, John Cusack’s sarcastic music store employee. That breakout role garnered him nominations for a 2001 American Comedy Award and Blockbuster Entertainment Award in the supporting actor category. Black co-hosted the 2002 MTV Movie Awards with Sarah Michelle Gellar, which was the highest-rated MTV Movie Awards ever and the top-rated cable program of that year.

Besides “School of Rock,” Black will also star opposite Ben Stiller in the Barry Levinson-directed “Envy” for DreamWorks SKG. The comedy follows Black and Stiller as lifelong friends whose relationship takes a nasty turn when one of them (Black) becomes filthy rich by selling an invention. It drives the other (Stiller) crazy with jealousy. Rachel Weisz, Christopher Walken and Amy Poehler round out the cast.

The School of Rock
The School of Rock
The School of Rock
The School of Rock

Black was last seen on the big screen in two hit comedies. In the Farrelly brothers’ comedy “Shallow Hal” he had his first starring role opposite Gwyneth Paltrow. He played Hal, a man who is given the gift of seeing people’s inner beauty as their outside appearance. In “Orange County,” for director Jake Kasdan (“Zero Effect”) and writer Mike White (“Chuck & Buck”), Black starred alongside Colin Hanks as his loving, older stoner brother.

He also starred in “Saving Silverman” with Jason Biggs and Steve Zahn and in 2000’s independent drama “Jesus’ Son” with Billy Crudup. He made his feature film debut in Tim Robbins’ “Bob Roberts.”

Black is also the lead singer for the rock-folk comedy group Tenacious D, whose self-titled album was released in the fall of 2001 on Epic Records. They recently completed a headlining tour, followed by an opening gig with Weezer and Kid Rock. Tenacious D also had a variety series on HBO that aired in 1999.

Cert: 12
Running Time: 110
Release Date: February 6
Distributor: UIP

The School of Rock
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