Ana Matronic loves being on stage.

The Scissor Sisters singer admits she loves being at home with her husband Seth Kirby but is most comfortable when she is working with her band.

Ana said: ''There is a lot of work involved with touring and it's difficult being away from home. I do really enjoy being at home. I'm a gardener and I love being in the garden. It's tough to leave. It's so lovely to have someone at home who keeps you grounded.

''On the other hand, there is nowhere I would rather be than on the stage!''

One of the reasons why Ana loves touring so much is that she and her fellow band members, Babydaddy, Del Marquis, Jake Shears and Randy Real are so close and always support one another.

She added: ''As a band, we're so close and that definitely helps. We're there for each other when the s**t hits the fan, as it were, and when the chips are down.''

As well as her work with Scissor Sisters, Ana has recently helped Jessie J out on UK TV show 'The Voice' and is backing the 'Price Tag' hitmaker - who is a coach on the singing contest - to do well In America.

She said: ''Her song 'Price Tag' is on in the States everywhere. It is so hard to break the States but I wish her all the best.

''I love Jessie! We actually met for the first time at 'The Voice'. I'd heard her songs and knew of her but, after meeting her, I was so impressed. She is the real deal, amazing, and you have to admire her so much.''