Ana Matronic doesn't like stripping off on stage.

The Scissor Sisters frontwoman - who is known for her eccentric fashion choices - isn't comfortable flashing her flesh to fans like her bandmate Jake Shears.

She said: "I get tired of seeing yet another actress or pop star with their clothes off. It seems that these days, to achieve a certain level of success as a female performer, you have to get your kit off.

"The exceptions are very, very few - Susan Boyle and Taylor Swift, they're like the only ones.

"And one of them you don't really want to see naked, while for the other it doesn't seem age appropriate!"

The 36-year-old singer has lost a lot of weight in recent months but insists she has a long way to go if she wanted to be considered thin by her pop peers.

She said: "I'm still fat by Hollywood standards. If I walked into a casting for a part in a movie they'd probably tell me to lose 30 more pounds. But I believe I'm providing a really good role model for people who want to change. It is possible."