Ana Matronic has found her weight loss tough.

The Scissor Sisters singer shed 28lbs in 2010 and although she is thrilled with her New Look, she isn't a huge fan of exercising.

She said: ''You just have to make yourself do it. And once you have, you're always so happy you did! Now I try to remember The Feeling I have when I leave the gym, rather than the dread before!''

Although Ana doesn't love exercising, she does try to do some physical activity every day in order to maintain her new shape.

She added to new! magazine: ''When anyone changes appearance, people want to know why and how you did it. I hit my mid-thirties and thought, 'Oh, this isn't good, I'd better get to the gym.' For me, it wasn't so much about losing weight, but getting healthy. To do this, there's been a shift of my whole consciousness and it's now part of my life and something I have to do - if not every day, then every other day!''

''I gave away all of my old trousers and that was a good feeling.''