Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears gets more female groupies than male.

The 'Any Which Way' singer can't understand why so many girls are attracted to him and proposition him when he is on tour when they know he is gay.

He said: "Oh my god, I get more female groupies than I do male! In Japan the girls go apes**t for me. I don't know what's up but they love some Jake Shears."

However, Jake is unsure if Japanese girls do actually want to sleep with him or not, because he can't understand what they are saying.

He added to Q magazine: "A lot of them don't speak English, so I'm not sure if that's what they want or not."

American-born Jake - who is in a relationship - admits languages aren't his strong point, and despite living in Berlin for a short time he didn't pick up many phrases.

He said: "I lived there about a year ago. I can say, 'F**k my granny', but that's about it. 'F**k meine oma'. I can order sparkling water too."