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24th August 2012

Tweet: "Got in the passenger's side of what I thought was my bf's (boyfriend's) Prius. Only to realise I was sitting in some other homo's Prius. He laughed. I left." Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears got a shock when he jumped into the wrong car by mistake.

11th August 2012

Tweet: "Sad David Rakoff passed away. Such a great writer." Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears pays tribute to Canadian author and essayist David Rakoff, who died on Thursday (09Aug12) at the age of 47.

8th June 2012

Quote: "The thought of a Jake Shears solo album gives me the willies. Someone like Adam Lambert is a proper singer - I get by a lot on personality." Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears has no plans to ditch his bandmates.

30th April 2012

Tweet: "I just accidentally walked into the women's locker room at my gym. I felt like I was in an 80's movie. #ratedR". Gay Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears gets an eyeful after taking a wrong turn after a workout session.

27th October 2011

Fact: The Scissor Sisters have been unveiled as the first act to sign up for the River of Music festival in London next summer (12) to help launch the 2012 Olympics in the U.K.

17th February 2011

Fact: The Scissor Sisters are heading out on tour with Lady GaGa. The iconic gay band will join the Poker Face hitmaker for 24 dates on her upcoming Monster Ball World Tour.

25th November 2010

Fact: Ricky Martin, Julianne Moore, the Scissor Sisters, Glee star Chris Colfer and country star Chely Wright have been named among the gay icons making up the 16th annual Out magazine 100.

5th October 2010

Quote: "What I don't get, as an American, is the absolute disregard for coffee. It is so difficult to find a good cup of coffee in Britain. I don't know if it's the Brits just saying, 'We have tea so, like, f**k off'." Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears is baffled by Britons' love for tea.

15th September 2010

Quote: "Actually, do you know what, I've never really gotten The Smiths. Perhaps someone needs to do me a killer Smiths mix CD." Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears is not a fan of the legendary British band.

6th September 2010

Quote: "If people are looking for me, they're looking for big red hair, lots of make-up and sequins. If I don't have red hair, lots of make-up and sequins, they don't see Scissor Sisters. I'm fortunate in that I can hide easily if I want to." SCISSOR SISTERS star ANA MATRONIC downplays her camp stage attire to go incognito in her private life.

22nd July 2010

Quote: "She's like Glinda the Good Witch (from the Wizard of Oz). She has a really loving, open, sexy spirit that makes a lot of gay guys think she'd be a great best friend." Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears on pal and collaborator Kylie Minogue.

13th July 2010

Quote: "I can't imagine anything grosser to me than making love to someone with myself singing in the background. It just gives me the creeps. Not sex - just my own music during sex!" Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears won't be getting intimate to his own songs.

13th July 2010

Quote: "I would be happy and very excited to appear on one of Simon Cowell's shows... There's a lot of people who just think they're game shows but people develop amazing careers out of shows like X Factor, Pop Idol and American Idol." Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears wants to stand in for British singer Cheryl Cole on the judging panel of The X Factor while she battles malaria.

6th July 2010

Quote: "I was sick of it before it came out, honey. We had to play it about a million times before you guys even heard it." Scissor Sisters star ANA MATRONIC is bored of performing the band's smash hit I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCIN'.

4th July 2010

Quote: "It was just a goodbye peck and it was totally closed-mouthed. I had no idea that the kiss would cause such a stir." Scissor Sisters star ANA MATRONIC is stunned by the fuss over her onstage smooch with Kylie Minogue at Britain's Glastonbury festival last weekend (26-27Jun10).

29th June 2010

Quote: "I texted her about five weeks ago - I just had the idea. I was pulling into an airport somewhere and it just popped into my head, and I sent her a text saying, 'Do you want to do a song with us at Glasto?', and two minutes later I got a text back with capital letters being like, 'Hell yeah!'" Jake Shears reveals how he persuaded Kylie Minogue to duet with the Scissor Sisters at Britain's Glastonbury festival over the weekend (26Jun10).

28th June 2010

Quote: "She came and visited me when I was in Berlin a year ago and we were both in a similar spot. We didn't know what we were going to make for records. We both felt a little bit lost." Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears bonded with Kylie Minogue during a vacation in Germany last year (09). Minogue joined the band onstage at Britain's Glastonbury music festival on Saturday (26Jun10).

21st June 2010

Quote: "I would die to have him up there... I think that he's a good time Charlie. He could get into it. (We could) get him a wizard costume made out of rubber." Scissor Sisters star ANA MATRONIC hopes SIR Ian McKellen will join the band onstage at this weekend's (25-27Jun10) Glastonbury Festival in England. MCKellen performs on a track on the group's new album.

18th June 2010

Quote: "The musical opens next spring. It's going to be a really intense time for me but it's really satisfying to see actors singing my songs. It makes me smile." Scissor Sisters star Jake Shears is hard at work writing his first musical, TALES OF THE CITY.

18th June 2010

Quote: "I feel like I've rediscovered my bandmates, particularly Jake and Babydaddy. Making NIGHT WORK felt like when I first joined the band, like a rediscovery." ANA MATRONIC on how the new Scissor Sisters album brought the band closer together.

9th June 2010

Fact: GLEE star Jonathan Groff, the Scissor Sisters, ANDREW W.K. and Kelis have landed on gay magazine Out's summer 2010 Hot List.

7th September 2007

Quote: "I'm the only woman in the band, but luckily the guys have a heavy dose of femininity, anyway. They don't have p**sing contests, like most indie bands." Scissor Sisters frontwoman ANA MATRONIC thinks her band is very girlie.

3rd July 2007

Quote: "There is nothing better than running around the woods naked on mushrooms. That's what I do on my days off, absolutely. As much as possible." Scissor Sisters frontman JAKE SHEARS divulges some bizarre recreational activities.

29th May 2007

Fact: The Scissor Sisters, Kings Of Leon and Dirty Pretty Things are among the stars who have signed up to front a new British campaign to highlight the Everyman Male Cancer Awareness Month in June (07).

21st May 2007

Quote: "Does he fancy me? I can't see who wouldn't, really. I fancy him. I think he's super cute." Scissor Sisters star JAKE SHEARS reveals a crush on Lebanon-born pop hunk Mika.

26th March 2007

Quote: "Scissor Sisters - they're so mediocre I can't believe it." Pop singer Mika isn't a fan of the New York band.

6th February 2007

Quote: "She should settle down with me. We are mates and like the same things but, sadly, that includes the same men, so it's probably not the best idea." Scissor Sisters frontman JAKE SHEARS offers Kylie Minogue a shoulder to cry on as she gets over her break-up from Olivier Martinez.

10th November 2006

Quote: "It was me figuring out that I needed attention. And what better way of achieving that than taking my clothes off in front of people under the influence of alcohol and who knows what else?" Scissor Sisters frontman JAKE SHEARS on his male go-go dancing past.

4th October 2006

Quote: "It's a kick in the teeth to all those women who worked so hard to improve our rights. It is just getting out of control." Curvy Scissor Sisters singer ANA MATRONIC hates skinny women.

3rd October 2006

Quote: "We had to be so careful. There's that second album cliche about bands writing about how terrible hotel rooms are - and we'd just spent a year and a half in terrible hotel rooms." Scissor Sisters frontman JAKE SHEARS was determined not to fall into the usual traps when recording the band's sophomore album TA-DAH.

3rd October 2006

Quote: "BABY DADDY drives me crazy with that stuff sometimes. I just want to shake him and say, 'Go get laid.'" Scissor Sisters singer JAKE SHEARS thinks his bandmate should take a chance on someone and be more promiscuous.

21st September 2006

Quote: "They won't play us on the radio. We'll just have to see if it's a slowly-but-surely thing." Scissor Sisters frontman JAKE SHEARS admits he isn't too optimistic the band's sophomore album TA-DAH will be a success in the band's US homeland.

19th September 2006

Quote: "You think he's going to be like the Queen - 13 minders, bodyguards, stylists. But he is pretty regular. He sat in the corner of the studio with the radio against his ear, listening to the football." Scissor Sisters singer ANA MATRONIC liked working with a down-to-earth SIR ELTON JOHN.

18th September 2006

Quote: "It's the sign of a great country when the future king even has a touch of queen in him." Scissor Sisters singer ANA MATRONIC is delighted British royal Prince William recently attended a fancy dress party dressed as a Bond girl.

18th September 2006

Quote: "Elton is so amazing. He nicknames me Britney, as in BRITNEY SHEARS. But when he's not calling me that he calls me by my proper name, JASON." Scissor Sisters frontman JAKE SHEARS loves SIR Elton John's sense of humour.

18th September 2006

Fact: Pop star Kylie Minogue made a rare public appearance since her all-clear from breast cancer last night (16SEP06), introducing a charity Scissor Sisters concert in London.

18th September 2006

Quote: "When he was about three he dropped the toilet lid on his willy. If there was a bone in there it would have broken." Scissor Sisters frontman JAKE SHEARS' mother FRIEDA reveals an embarrassing childhood secret.

23rd August 2006

Quote: "I do everything a drag queen does except tuck away my penis." Scissor Sisters star ANA MATRONIC.

9th August 2006

Fact: New York pop group Scissor Sisters will play a free concert in London's iconic Trafalgar Square on 16 September (06).

28th July 2006

Quote: "Scissor Sisters is a new gender. When it comes together on stage it is its own animal. The whole is bigger than the sum of parts. That's the way that it is. It is its own sex." Scissor Sisters' drummer PADDY BOOM describes the power of his band.

6th June 2006

Fact: Scissor Sisters will launch the release of their new album with a little help from their biggest fan - SIR Elton John. John, who has always been a vocal fan of the camp stars, will duet with the New Yorkers on new single I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCIN'. The group has also reportedly recorded a song with ROXY MUSIC star Bryan Ferry for the album TA-DAH.

7th January 2006

Fact: <p>Quirky hitmakers Scissor Sisters have recruited a choir of 25 Brooklyn hairdressers to sing on their upcoming album. </p>

10th February 2005

Quote: <p>"Tonight has been a big cherry on this huge sundae of a year for us. The whole year has been a big giant (FEDERICO) FELLINI movie." Scissor Sisters frontwoman ANA MATRONIC is ecstatic with her band's triple win at Wednesday's (09FEB05) Brit Awards in London. </p> <b>10/02/2005 03:56</b>

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