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Scouting For Girls
Scouting For Girls Album Review

Scouting For Girls Scouting For Girls Album

Harmless might be a good way to describe this offering from this pop-rock band, who do not, apparently, employ or play a guitar. A fine gimmick indeed, possibly one to make this band seem even slightly credible: 'O look we're pushing the musical envelope - we don't use a guitar!'. Cue gasp.

Uncontroversial enough you might think, but then we run up against another problem. Now I don't have anything against pop music, or even pop music masquerading as being vaguely alternative. What I do have a problem with is cookie-cutter music, where a band blatantly nicks another band's formula and then slavish reproduces it for financial gain and this is exactly what Scouting For Girls have done.

Openly pubescent in outlook, Scouting For Girls are just another McFly, who were just another Busted, who were quite enough by themselves thank you very much. I like catchy, I like pop, I like McFly and I'm not afraid to admit it, but I don't like Scouting For Girls, no sirree. Their songs may be quite passable and by themselves they are certainly inoffensive enough, but a record company's shrewd attempt to cash in on the current buzz in the charts for anything a little bit indie just doesn't melt my butter.

They sing about girls, they sound like McFly and they don't use a guitar. That is all you need to know about SFG, unless one of their members is remotely attractive in which case they may get some airplay, or appear on Big Brother.


Ellie Gurney

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