Seal and Heidi Klum spent all day in bed together during their recent holiday.

The couple - who raise four children, Leni, six, five-year-old Henry, three-year-old Johan and Lou, 11 months - went on a family vacation to Italy before leaving the kids with their grandparents so they could head to London for a week of "misbehaving".

He said: "We went on vacation for two weeks and sailed down the Amalfi Coast to Sicily with the whole family. Then we gave the children to Grandma and Grandpa while Heidi and I went to London for a week of misbehaving!

"We stayed in bed all day and then went out at night. It was amazing and so important to have that time together."

The 'Kiss From A Rose' hitmaker - who met the German supermodel while she was pregnant with Italian Formula One team director Flavio Briatore's child, Leni - admitted while the pair go through the same troubles any couple does, their relationship works because they are "best friends".

He added to new! magazine: "I'm married and in love with my best friend. We go through everything together. We go through the same sh*t that other couples go through; we disagree and have very few low points but we have a lot of high points because we just realise how lucky we are to have found each other."