Since Sunday (June 2), the internet has been awash with Game of Thrones-related talk of some kind, some in sheer disbelief of the final scene in the bloody episode, some in an angry response to spoilers for the show being in every direction and of course, those smug book-readers who know what was going on the whole time. But with so much material to laugh and/or shake a fist at, we've compiled a quick list of the best responses to 'The Rains of Castamere.'

Spoilers! The latest fad to take over YouTube and the like has been the various 'reaction videos' to the episode, with some views acting hilarious to down right outrageous. Lets not forget, there was also Maisie Williams' (who plays one of the few remaining Starks left in GoT) own reaction to the scene, that she only narrowly avoided being a part of, that she uploaded to Vine following the show's airing. You shouldn't watch it if you've had enough spoilers for now though, because her attempts at altering her face ma be pointing towards a certain plot development with a certain Jaqen.

There's also A Song of Ice and Fire writer George RR Martin's own (it's not really him) response to the video on College Humour, in which the fantasist describes how much he enjoys killing things that people have become attached to. Although it is supposed to be a parody, we wouldn't be surprised if that's how he really felt after all that he's put us through.

As is so often the case, it was up to Tumblr to take the biscuit and provide the best and most humorous responses to the episode though.

After all this, just wait until the reaction videos of people cheering and celebrating if and when Joffrey dies.

George RR Martin GoT
Martin loves to see his fans suffer along with the story

Sophie Turner GoT
Think of how Stansa will react when she finds out!