Sean Connery, who turns 80 today, has said that his acting days are over. The James Bond actor and star of 'The Untouchables' told Scotland's Daily Record, "I don't think I'll ever act again. I have so many wonderful memories but those days are over". The news comes as Connery's birthday prompts a media appreciation of the actor's life and work in film - his six appearances in James Bond are often regarded as some of the strongest in the franchise.
Connery won an ACADEMY AWARD for his role as Jim Malone in Brian De Palma'S 'The Untouchables', starring alongside Kevin Costner. He also won a BAFTA AWARD in 1988 for his portrayal of William of Baskerville in the 1986 film 'The Name of the Rose'.
If Connery decides to stick by his words and never act again, his last major film will be recognised as the 2003 adventure-movie 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen', in which he played Allan Quatermain, a legendary but retired hunter who is coaxed into one last job.