A reboot of 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' is reportedly in the works.

The 2003 historical fantasy film - which starred Sir Sean Connery alongside Naseeruddin Shah and Peta Wilson - was originally supposed to be the first movie in a long-running franchise, but disappointing worldwide box office sales led 20th Century Fox to scrap its plan.

The original movie, which was centered on Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's graphic novel of the same name, marked Sir Sean's last-ever on-screen appearance and there appears to be little chance of him reprising the role of Allan Quatermain for the reboot.

In 2013, meanwhile, a TV series based on the film's characters was in development, only for the studio to backtrack on its ambition after seeing the pilot.

Michael Green was appointed as the showrunner and Erwin Stoff as the executive producer, but the pilot episode failed to convince Fox bosses that the idea was worthy of a series of its own.

However, it now appears that another feature-length film will be made, with Fox bringing John Davis on board to produce the movie through his Davis Entertainment banner, according to Variety.