Sean Penn has joined the coronavirus battle with free testing.

The 59-year-old actor is working through his Community Organized Relief Effort organisation to provide drive-through test sites to determine if people are suffering with COVID-19.

Speaking to 'EXTRA', he said: ''You want to get the most vulnerable, those that make us most vulnerable and those that are most essential be they symptomatic or not.

''As an opinion, if you can get tested, you should get tested.''

CORE has been supported by Governor Gavin Newsom for the new initiative, and the 'Mystic River' star - who explained the test is ''diagnostic'' - revealed his inspiration and confirmed he has tested ''negative''.

He added: ''My answer is negative.

''If we're not moved by the wife who lost her husband, the single mother who lost her job and is now taking care of three kids in her room in quarantine...

''These things enter my brain like little moving greeting cards... I think a little rage here and there puts a little gas in the engine.''

Meanwhile, the organisation's co-founder and CEO Ann Lee has opened up about the ideal candidates for its tests.

She added: ''We are using a PCR, it's an oral self-swab kit...

''Folks who are asymptomatic, essential workers who still have to go out... As well as folks that... might not be insured, are living together in close quarters.''

And Sean urged everyone to ''pay attention to science'' and not take ''essential direct human contact'' for granted.

He said: ''I think as we go forward people are going to pay attention to science... recognise how essential direct human contact that is...

''If those things don't become perishable the way they have after so many other tragedies that we've faced in a more short-term way... then we will have dishonoured the dead, dishonoured the frontline workers... all the work of great leadership... and dishonoured ourselves.''