AMERICAN PIE star Seann William Scott had to make a quick dash from his Hollywood apartment after an embarrassing MTV CRIBS episode and a shoot-out across the hall left him fearing for his safety.

The movie funnyman's home had became a hovel after months of partying, when he accepted MTV's offer to film his abode.

But when he saw the show, in which he showed off his trashed home, he knew it was time to move.

He says, "I started off in this apartment and it used to be nice. But when I got American Pie it got pretty trashed.

"I had a 60 gallon aquarium and there was about 30 gallons left and all the fish were dead. Things were not good - I had cotton coming out of the couch, and only half of my TV worked."

The final straw came when FBI officials shot dead a bankrobber across the hall.

He recalls, "He was living across the window from me - I'd be doing my dishes and we'd give each other bachelor nods. The FBI came in and they killed the guy.

"That's when I knew I really needed to get out of there."

01/08/2003 09:35