Seasick Steve and his blues are back and the 73-year-old musician has released a new album, Sonic Soul Surfer. Steve Wold started touring with fellow blues musicians in the 1960s but didn’t release his first album until 1996, This is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About.

Seasick Steve
Seasick Steve has pleased fans with a seventh studio album

However, the dungaree-wearing, long-bearded, ultimate cool (not so) kid didn’t become very well-known until 2006 after his appearance on Jools Holland’s annual New Year’s Eve show, Hootenanny.

His popularity soured, mainly in the UK, and since then this much-travelled, busking hobo has proved an excellent crowd-pleaser as many a festival with his gnarly blues music.

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This new album, Wold’s seventh studio offering, is just as reliably pleasing as his many performances with long blues jams, plenty of guitar pyrotechnics and lyrics reflecting on his early life doing casual work.

Wold, now in his eighth decade, has found the style that suits him and has not strayed from it in Sonic Soul Surfer.

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And every fan this wonderful nomad has picked up during his long career as a blues staple will be thoroughly happy with this latest offering Seasick has so giddily presented.

Sonic Soul Surfer will be released on March, 23 and to listen to his thoughts on his new album, click here.