Review of Years Album by Secondsmile

Album review of 'Years' by Secondsmile.

Secondsmile Years Album

Clever music. That's what Secondsmile seem to have got nailed. Not clever, 'I've got a beard and listen to Polish Gypsy Jazz' clever. Just normal clever. Music that brings a smile to the face, and a nod to the head.

Stylistically we're walking a strange path here between melodic post-rock, post-hardcore, and even post-Cure with the vocals, but it's a very pleasant path.

It's a nice niche the boys are in really. Not full of other wannabe pretenders - they really sound like they're trying to do something original and different. That'll be the cleverness again.

The fact that they don't actually get really 'heavy' would perhaps seem disappointing to some, but this yet another example of the cleverness. Just when you think it's going to go all dropped-C tuning and shouts, it, well, just doesn't. Instead it continues with its subtle, melodic groove.

Secondsmile actually manage to sound like nice people you'd like to meet. That might sound frivolous, but honestly, how many bands can you really say that about?

Rich Edge

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