Seinfeld star Jason Alexander delivered a crude routine at Harvard University on Thursday (28Mar13) after landing a top honour from the Massachusetts institution.

The actor/comedian was named Player Of The Year by Harvard's comedy troupe Immediate Gratification Players (Igp), and he took to the stage for a stand-up show wearing one of the group's signature red-and-gold ties.

Alexander asked the audience to give him words to fuel his stories, and when one member of the crowd shouted out "sex", the star responded, "I expected more from Harvard. Fortunately it is a subject I am an expert in. Wow, there are so many to pick from."

He then launched into an anecdote about a sexual relationship he had while at university with a woman who worked in a strip club.

Alexander ended his lengthy set by joking, "If you enjoyed this performance, there is one other thing I suggest you do: storm the admissions office. I have a son, his name is Noah Alexander, and he would very much like to go here."

Taking to his page after the show, he told followers, "Big thanks to Igp harvard for a great fun night and a spectacular new tie. And thanks Harvard to all who came out to talk and play."