Selena Gomez is offering her fans the opportunity to help create her debut fragrance.

The actress-and-singer is currently working on the scent and says because her fans know her better than anyone else, they are the perfect people to help her choose a signature perfume.

She explained to WWD: "At this point in my career, it's really important to me that my fans understand me and who I am as a person - I feel like we're all just in it together. They're everything to me. I always involve them in every aspect of my career. Even when I'm on stage performing, I always say I'm performing with them, not for them, because I'm kind of growing up with everybody. And at this time in my career and life, I'm able to share something with them, and I think we can make something great together.

"My fans can go to and see all the ingredients - the top ingredient, the middle ingredient, and a base. I want the base to be rich - I like vanilla and maybe some chocolate. For the middle, I've smelled raw grapefruit and peach, and the top note's definitely going to be fruity. I'm going to put up all the [notes] I like and let my fans pick which ones they want to put together. So, it's going to be something that I like, regardless."

Although she has yet to come up with a name for the scent - By Selena is a possibility - the 19 year old is busy choosing the design of the bottle, which she hopes will be "youthful but sophisticated".

She said: "I'm having a really fun, exciting time with it - the design of the bottle is where we're at right now. We've gone through probably five different bottles. I want it [the fragrance bottle] to represent me. So, it has to be really kind of fun, youthful, that's still kind of sophisticated in a way. I think we're incorporating some light colors, maybe a dark purple with maybe a light Pink, and gold and black - mixing a little bit of dark and light."