Having millions of adoring fans and getting to work with all kinds of amazing people might seem like a dream to most people, but for Selena Gomez it really makes true friendships difficult. After all, she doesn't have enough time in the world to devote to everybody.

Selena Gomez at a Business of Fashion eventSelena Gomez at a Business of Fashion event

Making friends as an A-list celebrity requires a higher level of trust and support than for most people, which means it's not always easy to have people around you that you can really talk to and hang out with. In fact, Selena Gomez feels like she has very few people she can connect with.

'You have to figure out the people that are in your circle', she told the Business of Fashion in an interview. 'I feel like I know everybody but have no friends. I have like three good friends that I can tell everything to, but I know everyone. I go anywhere and I'm like, 'Hey guys, how's it going?' And it feels great to be connected to people, but having boundaries is so important. You have to have those few people that respect you, want the best for you and you want the best for them. It sounds cheesy, but it's hard.'

The 25-year-old also believes that social media can be quite a hindrance when it comes to nurturing bonds with friends, associates and fans, and the more people we connect to, the more we become disconnected from the tangible world in which we live.

'I see a disconnect from real life connections to people, and that makes me a little worried', she admits. 'I do think social media is an amazing way to stay connected, to learn more things about what's going on outside your little bubble, but sometimes I think it's too much information.'

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Selena Gomez is currently working on her third solo album, the details for which she has yet to reveal.