Just when we’d accepted that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were a thing of the past! Badboy Biebs and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena have been spending time together in Texas over the past few days, and they sure aren’t going out of their way to hide their reunion from the public!

selena gomez justin bieberSelena and Justin together in happier days, the first time round they were a couple

Justin and Selena were reported to have hired out the Action Dance Studio after breakfasting together. A chaperone...sorry, choreographer was also present in the dance studio while the pair 'rehearsed'. Does this mean that the duo are working on some kind of collaboration or when you’re a musical person do you sometimes just feel the need to get together for a jam session?  The owner of the studio remarked that the pair “seem together now”, will an official announcement be following?

The pair haven’t been all work since they’ve been spending time together. They booked in for a laser tag date on March 8 and were rumored to be getting pretty hot and heavy even though they were midway through a game! They may be loved up at the moment, but what we really want to know is whether Justin and Selena will last this time round? There have been rumours of a reconciliation in the past which didn’t pan out too well.

Justin and Selena began dating way back in 2010, before Justin was the proud owner of the abs and police record that he has today. In November 2012 the pair split, then reconciled later than month...then split again. So, while it all sounds very promising that the pair are presently enjoying their time together, we don’t like to get our hopes up too much when it comes to these two.

Watch Selena Gomez strutting her stuff after leaving David Letterman:

What we can say is that Selena does seem to keep Justin a lot more grounded than he appears to be without her. It was since their last split that Justin started to go off the rails, resulting in his various run ins with the law as well as the blackening of his once pristine reputation. Since their breakup, Selena has been dealing with her own demons. In January she entered the Dawn of the Meadows treatment facility, reportedly checking herself in for various prsonal issues. We’d never have even imagined that Selena, who always seems so together, would be struggling, but she only completed two weeks out of her 45 day treatment. We hope that in those two weeks she managed to overcome whatever it was that she felt she needed help to deal with.

Perhaps this pair just don’t function well without each other, as they seemed to stay relatively trouble free when they were together but apart don't seem to cope quite as well. Hopefully, their reunion won’t have a negative effect on either of them, particularly with Selena now potentially exposed to the lifestyle that Justin has been living over the past few months.

selena gomez rehabSelena entered rehab in January 2014

Selena and Justin began dating very young, do you think it’s wise to go back to your first love after time apart when you’ve likely grown and changed? Is it best to leave a past relationship in the past?