While the less fortunate among us still have two whole workdays until NYE, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner are already off in Dubai celebrating, according to E! News. Selena and Kendall were also joined by gal pal Gigi Hadid and Hadid's boyfriend Cody Simpson, both of whom were seen heading into LAX with Jenner on Saturday.

Selena GomezKendall Jenner
It looks like the pair are best friends forever... again.

So clearly, Selena and Kendall have rekindled their friendship after some rumoured friction over Kendall sort of flirting with Justin Bieber. Congratulations on that one...? A “source”, speaking for E! Earlier in the year, reportedly said: “All is good now.”

Whew. We can all breathe a little bit easier knowing that, right?

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"Plane rides tho…#emirates," Selena wrote on Instagram Sunday morning after traveling overnight. "Pashminas and candles under the stars," she also shared while hugging Jenner and Hadid on a bench. Huh. So that’s what rich people do with their time around the holidays. If you're stuck in a colder, rainier part of the globe, feel free to live vicariously through the gang's respective Instagram feeds.

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And that’s not all. E!’s comprehensive report on the activities young, rich celebutants also covers Simpson’s plans for ringing in the new year. In case you were wondering: "Dubai bound tomorrow with some mates," he tweeted on Friday. "New Years will be mental. Then a little Maldives surf action."