Selena Gomez's exes all think she's ''crazy''.

The 'Heart Wants What It Wants' hitmaker - who has previously dated the likes of Justin Bieber and The Weeknd - joked that all of her former flames think that she's crazy but she insists she ''doesn't care''.

Speaking to YouTube star Nikkie Tutorials, she said: ''It's hard to find a man in quarantine ... It's just funny that I release things that say I want a boyfriend and stuff ... and I'm like, 'I didn't really mean it, though.' Guys are a lot of work ... Every one of my exes thinks I'm crazy but I don't care.''

Meanwhile, Selena previously revealed she wants a boyfriend who is ''genuine'', as she shared some of the key traits she looks for in a partner.

She said: ''I love genuine, you know? I feel like in the first five seconds, I can tell if I'm meeting someone that just wants one thing. And then I can tell when it's a good group of guys and they're cool.''

The brunette beauty also revealed she wants a partner who can make her laugh - but is still ''down to earth and cool''.

She added: ''I love funny. I don't like arrogant. I don't like, um, show off-y. I love playful and adventurous but down to earth and cool.''

And for anyone thinking of trying their luck with the singer, Selena said she prefers to be approached in a ''natural way''.

She explained: ''I like group situations. So, I find that that's what makes me comfortable, if they're someone maybe I know of someone I know. I tend to like to be approached in a natural, organic way.

''And I hope that whoever is doing that is actually interested in me and not really my name. So, it's pretty hard but that's usually the best way.''