Selena Gomez says her upcoming make-up line is ''very clean and easy''.

The 27-year-old singer has created a simple collection of foundation and concealers for her Rare Beauty line to help beauty lovers feel confident without adding too much pressure to wear makeup.

Speaking to Interview magazine's April 2020 issue, she said: ''I wanted to start a conversation about how can you make yourself feel great. It's not necessarily about needing these things to make yourself feel beautiful.

''People of my generation have all this pressure to look a certain way, and I wanted to make a line that took away a bit of that pressure. I use real people in the campaigns. I have 48 shades of foundation and concealer. It's all very clean and easy. I wanted people to feel safe.''

The 'Lose You To Love Me' hitmaker previously asked her followers to get involved in the new beauty brand as she wanted to build up a ''community full of authentic connection and authentic stories'' to promote her new products.

Speaking in a video, she shared: ''I'm so excited to have a chance to talk to you guys about something that we're building. We want to build a community full of authentic connection and authentic stories. So, it is going to be the #WeAreRare community call.''

Selena asked fans to send in their stories that helped them feel confident in their own skin to help highlight the importance of her makeup brand.

She continued: ''Basically, all we want is to hear stories that make you feel rare. Whether that's something you've overcome, or it's an internal struggle or something that you love about yourself that you're confident in who you are - we want to hear all kinds of stories. From that process, we get to do a shoot in March and basically highlight the stories. Every story is going to be important and beautiful, and I can't wait to read all of them. It's going to be emotional, but I'm very excited.''