Selena Gomez has been making changes to her life lately, but it’s safe to say that noone was expecting this: the 21-year-old singer has been spotted out and about with Orlando Bloom. The two were photographed together Saturday night after Chelsea Handler’s live show Uganda Be Kidding Me at the forum Los Angeles. They arrived in the same car together and looked comfortable in each other's company throughout the night, sources told

 Selena Gomez
Gomez and Bloom, like most celebs, aren't too fond of the paparazzi.

According to People, Gomez and Bloom were very taken aback and immediately walked away at the sight of the photographers, who hunted them down and managed to snap some pictures regardless. Looks like this budding romance, if it happens, could feed the gossip columns for weeks to come. At this point, there is nothing else to report – the two may or may not be dating, but the evidence is inconclusive.

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This doesn’t qualify as evidence that the two are anything more than friends, but – as these things often do – the rumors are unstoppable. Gomez did recently hang out with former on-again-off-again beau Justin Bieber at Coachella Music Festival, but it doesn’t look like the two are getting back together anytime soon – cue appropriate Taylor Swift song.

Bloom is also on the market, as far as we know, having separated from Miranda Kerr in the fall of 2013 after three years of marriage. So it looks like both are single – given the size of the Hollywood community and general laws of probability, it was likely to happen at some point. 

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Orlando Bloom
One photo was enough to instantly start the dating rumors.