Selena Gomez is prepared to risk heartbreak in pursuit of love.

The 30-year-old star - who has previously dated the likes of Justin Bieber and The Weeknd - remains determined to find love, despite her previous heartbreaks.

During an appearance on Jay Shetty's 'On Purpose' podcast, Selena shared: "I feel like giving myself completely to something is the best way I can love. But I never wanted the pain that I endured to put some sort of guard on myself - an armour if you will - and I never let that happen because I still believe and I still hope."

Selena added that she won't allow setbacks to discourage her in her pursuit of love.

She said: "Of course there are days that I feel so far away. But I would rather continue to get my heartbroken than to not feel at all."

Meanwhile, Mandy Teefey - Selena's mom - has revealed that she won't watch her daughter's Apple TV documentary, 'Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me'.

Mandy explained: "The reason why is because we lived some of that together.

"We went through that, and we found healing, and we've moved past some of it. And even if it's something she went through, and I didn’t know she went through it, as a mother, it's gonna affect me. It's gonna hurt my stomach, it's gonna put me in that mindset, and I'm going to wish I could go and protect her.

"She was amazing and came through so much, that I already feel like I protect you a lot, and I was like, maybe I can just get through the holidays, to not where I’m going up to her all the time, going, 'I’m sorry I didn’t know,' because mother's do.

"You want to take away your kids' pain. You don’t want them to have to experience that even though that is part of developing who they're going to be, and who we all are, is our pain and suffering and our growth."