Selena Gomez has admitted that she spent two weeks in a rehab centre earlier this year. Whilst a rep for the singer said it was ‘'not for substance abuse’, rumours are circulating about the reason behind her 2 week stay. Whatever the reason for Selena’s trip she has joined the ever increasing list of former Disney stars who have headed to rehab, a list which includes her BFF Demi Lovato and many more former child stars who have struggled to grow up under the spotlight.

Salena Gomez has admitted entering rehab earlier this yearSalena Gomez has admitted entering rehab earlier this year

Drew Barrymore
It was a long time ago, but its worth remembering that the first child star to have a very public battle with drink and drugs was 'ET’s' Drew Barrymore. Drew may have not have been part of the Disney set, but the story of her troubled teen years has become legendary in Hollywood. Eventually she overcame her problems and went on to have a very successful career as an adult, appearing as a leading lady in films such as ‘Never Been Kissed’ and ‘Ever After’ and running her own production company Flower Films. Her experiencesprove that even in Hollywood adolescent problems don’t have to define your whole career.

Britney Spears
Before she broke into the teen pop world, Britney Spears was a Mouseketeer on Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club in the early 90's and by the early 2000s she was the biggest female popstar on the planet. However things started going wrong for Britney after her divorce from Kevin Federline. In 2007 she entered a drug rehabilitation clinic, leaving after less than a day. She then had a very public meltdown which included shaving her head in view of the papparazzi. This incident led her to enter rehab for a second time. In January 2008 she was committed to a psychiatric ward put on a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold, her father would later be given conservatorship of her by the courts. Things later seemed to settle down for Britney as she began to build her career back. She went back to recording music and performing live soon after and released her latest album Brintey Jean in 2013.

Lindsay Lohan
She started off as both of the sweet twins in the ‘Parent Trap’ and went on to star in one of the defining  teen movies of recent times, ‘Mean Girls’, but somewhere along the way something went terribly wrong. Lohan has had numerous rehab stints and arrests all of which have taken focus away from her acting carrer. Her latest rehab stint ended last August, days before the release of  'The Canyons', a low budget film which received mostly negative reviews, Lohan did get some praise for her acting, but she's still a long way removed for her 'Mean Girls' heyday.

Demi Lovato
Selena’s friend Demi Lovato had her own stint in rehab three years ago for cocaine and alcohol problems. She recently admitted “I couldn’t go 30 minutes to an hour without cocaine” and “would bring it on airplanes.”  The singer has since overcome her addictions and now helps spread awareness of mental health problems.

Demi Lovato had her own rehab stint in 2011Demi Lovato had her own rehab stint in 2011

Amanda Bynes
Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes spent most of 2013 in the headlines as her life seemed to unravel in the public eye. She was arrested for marijuana possession in May and in July she was found outside an elderly couple's home in California having started a fire in their driveway. She was arrested and place under a 5150 mental health evaluation hold and her parents were given conservatorship. She was released from her treatment in December and is said to be recovering, having enrolled in fashion school in Los Angeles.

That Awarkward Moment star Zac EfronThat Awarkward Moment star Zac Efron also recently admitted to spending time in rehab

Zac Efron
High School Musical star Zac Efron caused shock when he revealed last year he had entered rehab. Though it’s not clearly what exactly the star was being treated for, he recently opened up on his time there telling People magazine “I learned so many things. So much.The best part of it was being able to reflect upon that experience and realise how much I have learned about myself and the kind of man I want to be."