Singer Selena Gomez appears to be fed up with all the rumours surrounding her personal life and the 22 year old is getting ready to share her secrets with the word. In a cryptic message posted on her Instagram account on Thursday, the singer shared her frustrations and promised fans good things are coming.

Selena GomezSelena Gomez has been speaking out on Instagram.

“Sometimes I get frustrated when I hear lies about who I am. The Internet is meant to keep you "updated" but it just takes old news and freezes it like it's now. You have watched me in pain and I've owned up to it through my music and actions,” Gomez wrote

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“I grew up with you. I am beyond excited to show you the next chapter, the TRUTH. I've been keeping so many secrets... I'm reborn in every moment so who knows what I'll become.. As long as I'm happy with me.”

The post was accompanied by a picture of flowers near the phrase "I want to claim my own name.” The singer has said she’s been working on new music recently and her follow up to 2013 album Stars Dance is due out anytime now.

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Last month she told fans via a Google Hangout, "I've been in the studio constantly, and I'm so anxious for you guys to see everything and hear everything. But just know that it's the best that I've ever done and you guys won't be disappointed. I wish I could play it for you now but I can't."