Something pretty strange is going on with Selena Gomez at the moment. After entering a rehabilitation facility at the beginning of the year, the Spring Breakers actress got back together with her bad boy ex, Justin Bieber. She’s been spotted hanging out at Coachella with the Jenner sisters, before proceeding to stop following everyone on Instagram and firing her parents as her manager. Hanging out with the Jenner sisters is proof enough for us that something pretty weird is going down.

Selena Gomez Justin BieberSelena Gomez, pictured with on-again-off-again boyfriend, Justin Bieber

Her behaviour seems a little erratic and it’s hard to come up with a logical explanation for any of it. In the past Gomez has been quoted as saying, “I”m surrounded by people who are supposed to guide me, and some of them have and others haven’t. They pressure me: you gotta be sexy, you gotta be cute, you gotta be nice, you gotta be all these things…Until recently I had given into that pressure…I’ve learned from my mistakes.”

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While it may be true that there are bad influences in the show business industry, as well as the obvious peer pressure to look and act a certain way, there is one star we’d never accuse of this behaviour. Taylor Swift is a serial celeb BFF, but that doesn’t mean that she moves from friend to friend. Taylor seems to maintain strong and long-lasting relationships with other celebrities, so we were surprised to hear that her and Selena Gomez may have fallen out.

Selena and Taylor have been friends for years, since meeting backstage at a Jonas Brothers’ concert. Taylor has said of Gomez, “So much about our lives have changed over the last couple of years, but our friendship has stayed the same.” However, it seems as though things have taken a turn for the worse. Sources allege that Taylor is unhappy with Gomez’ relationship with Bieber and the pair have been rumoured to have fallen out because of it.

While Taylor is supposedly trying hard to build bridges with Selena, the latter is having none of it. An insider told “Taylor has reached out to Selena a couple of times, but Selena isn’t ready to be friends with her again. When Taylor heard she was going through a tough time, and stopped following all her friends on Instagram, she called her and emailed her, but Selena is not in the mood.”

Taylor Swift Selena GomezTaylor is said to have reached out to Selena Gomez

Whatever it is that’s upsetting Selena, we hope that she lets Taylor in. It seems like she needs a real friend at the moment and we’re sure that Taylor’s the right girl for the job.

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