The current Cavalera Conspiracy drummer still performs SEPULTURA tracks with his bandmate brother Max, but he believes it is time for the current members to walk away.

He tells, "They're over. I mean, me and Max, we're playing stuff that we wrote together back in the days, and that's it. That's the roots there."

He recently told AntiHero Magazine, "We're super proud of everything we've done with Sepultura... The little thing that bugs me is that I think they're (current line-up) deteriorating the brand with fans by doing the tours and (they) continue doing it without me and Max being there.

Igor Cavalera quit the band a decade ago, 10 years after brother Max left.

Ironically, current Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser insists the band is stronger than ever, thanks to the efforts of new drummer Eloy Casagrande.

He says, "Eloy came to shake the uncles... We feel great to play with such an energetic drummer, such an amazing musician... He has the best of Igor and Jean (Dolabella) together, very technical and very powerful... like an animal.

"He studied a lot and he started playing very young. And, of course, that gave many different... new possibilities for guitar riffing and bass... It's very exciting to have somebody like that with such a high level of energy and possibilities."