We’re starting to get a bit wary whenever a Sesame Street character makes a news headline; not because we don’t love the Jim Henson-created critters, but because they seem to be becoming ever indelibly linked to Bad Stuff. Don’t believe us? How about the voice actor for Elmo allegedly getting involved in sexual activities with underage boys? That one was chilling. Not on the same scale, but Katy Perry’s revealing dress when she appeared on Sesame Street was also a little shocking. So it’s safe to say we’re a little worried to be reporting something about the Cookie Monster.

It’s actually not the Cookie Monster at all, but it’s someone dressed as him, and they’ve done some more Bad Stuff. A man wanted in Germany after allegedly stealing a 44 pound century-old cookie sculpture has apparently sent police a note. Is he holding them to ransom? Has he told them that he’s stolen something else? No, he’s decided he’s going to hand it back in.

The bronze item was taken from German cookie baker Bahlsen’s in Hannover last month, according to the Idaho Statesman. Police received a picture of someone dressed like the cookie monster holding what would appear to be the stolen cookie. The new note, in which the thief asks to give it back, has been written in cut out letters. Sesame Street eh. It seems to attract all the nutters.