That's right, the time has come for a Sesame Street divorce. “This is my house... and this is my other house” chirps fluffy pink fairy Abby Cadabby in a preview for this week’s episode of Sesame Street. Throughout it’s 43-season run, the show has aimed to educate and to include children of all backgrounds by tackling the topics that others have shied away from. Subjects like adoption, natural disasters and death have all come up in episodes, in an attempt to help kids come to terms with them. This is what the Sesame team is doing again, with the topic of divorce, TIME magazine reports. With roughly 50% of marriages ending in divorce, the producers feel that the subject cannot be ignored any longer.

Divorce is a touchy area and not one that the show tries to approach for the first time. Originally, the divorce episode starred Snuffy – everyone’s favorite awkward elephant. It was written, recorded and edited, but, when showing the scene to a test audience of pre-schoolers, the producers got a reaction, far from what they expected. The children were confused about what was going to happen to Snuffy, where he was going to live and thought that his parents didn’t love him any more. Some got scared their own parents would get a divorce. The reaction was the exact opposite of what the Sesame team had hoped for. This time, the topic is approached from a completely new angle.

Abby’s parents have been divorced for a long time – long enough for the lovable fairy to get used to it and make the best of her new situation. “Abby’s very happy-go-lucky. She’s a great person to show that there’s hope.”