Sesamy Street has remained the world’s favorite kids show (and no, that’s not an exaggeration) for over 40 years by staying current and recently, with the show taking to spoofing the most popular shows on air.

The latest production to come under fire? None other than Downton Abbey; although “fire” is probably too strong for a description for the lighthearted spoof that Sesame Street has done. Upside Downton Abbey is… well it’s funny, to be honest, even from the perspective of someone way out of Sesame Street’s demographic. Then again, the show has been known to hold its appeal with kids and adults alike. What other children’s show would think to parody a series about British aristocracy?

“Why is the tea not going in my cup?”

“Perhaps because we are upside down Ma’am,” The puppets comment, not the least bit bothered.

Perhaps the Downton Abbey characters have never had to face a literally upside down life, but it is a pretty good metaphor for all the turmoil that gets buried under turn of the century British stoicism on the real show. Or maybe we’re just reading too much into it. Either way, it was cute and you should watch it (which you can do below).