Family Guy will meet The Simpsons for the first time when Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane lends his voice to a character for the first episode of the upcoming 25th season of the The Simpsons.

Fans of the yellow-skinned show may be surprised with the announcement, with MacFarlane creations Family Guy and America Dad being lampooned on the show during the episode 'The Italian Bob', where the two shows patriarchs Peter Griffin and Stan Smith were both accused of plagiarism. Still, entering it's 25th season and with dwindling audience numbers and with scripts of questionable quality, who can blame them for recruiting outside help - even if the help is essentially a rival.

Producer Al Jean spoke to Entertainment Weekly earlier this week (Nov 30) to break the news, as well as giving some word on what the the episode, which will air in fall 2013, will entail. The show, which is set to be titled 'Dangers On A Train,' will see MacFarlane play a married man who pursues matriarch Marge Simpson following a meeting between the two on a website. The two go on to form a bond over their love of a Downton Abbey-esque show called 'Upton Rectory', with hilarity likely to ensue.