Fox and Seth MacFarlane are collaborating on a new venture.

The television network announced on Friday (Nov 8th) that they've ordered MacFarlane's 'Bordertown'.

The new animated series will be 13 episodes long and Mark Hentemann, who directed 'Ted' and produced 'Family Guy', will be the executive producer.

Hentemann created the comedy which is set in a fictitious desert town in Texas and it will depict the cultural shifts that are occurring throughout America.

The story will focus on the daily lives of two neighbours. Bud Buckwald, a married family man, works as a border patrol agent and isn't coping well with the cultural changes that occur around him. Buckwald lives next door to Ernesto Gonzalez, a Mexican immigrant, who is proud that he and his family are making it in America.

The series develops as each family become more intertwined and connected.

MacFarlane's presence at Fox is dwindling as of late, 'American Dad' is moving to TBS and with 'The Cleveland Show' getting cancelled, the new series will join his one remaining animated show on the network, 'Family Guy'.

No Doubt, considering MacFarlane's previous work, 'Bordertwon' will depict a offensive redneck Texan and will be full of Mexican immigrant stereotypes.

Alex Carter (Family Guy) and Dan Vebber (American Dad!) will also join the team and serve as co-executive producers. It is expected to air during the 2014-2015 TV season but an official date has yet to be announced.

'Bordertown' will join other Fox animation show such as the recently renewed 'The Simpsons', 'Bob's Burgers' and 'Family Guy'.

Seth MacFarlane
MacFarlane's 'Bordertown' was picked up by Fox