One polarizing addition to this year's Oscars ceremony was the use of the classic 'Jaws' theme when acceptance speeches ran a little too long. It made for a cringe-worthy couple of occasions, when frantic producers, actors, directors and writers tried to thank their family, cast, crew and even God himself as the movie theme tune began to ring around the Dolby Theater.

The general Twitter consensus appears to be that the Jaws song was a novelty the first time around, though became irritating and disrespectful. Saying that, Piers Morgan loved it, tweeting, "The Jaws music cut-off for long-winded acceptance speeches is the greatest addition to awards ceremonies ever. I'd add real sharks," before adding, "Jaws theme is making me laugh louder and louder each time - hysterical idea." Another user said, "The Only reason I'm still watching the Oscars is to see when they dunk & unleash Jaws on the next actor that speaks 2 long," though one Oscar-viewer suggested, "The guy that got played off to Jaws didn't even go that long did he? Seemed like a short leash."

The Jaws theme-tune was just one of many additions to this year's Academy Awards, presumably used to jazz the whole thing up and make it a less formal occasion. Host Seth Macfarlane was often irreverent and poked fun at many of the Hollywood's biggest stars.