Seth Macfarlane was always going to be a contentious choice of Oscar host, as the Academy Awards sought to attract the key 18-49 demographic, but just how did the risqué comedy of the Family Guy and Ted creator go down on an evening which is known for its formality and tradition?

Seth MacFarlane Golden Globes 2013

If this critical mauling doesn't wipe the grin off Seth MacFarlane's face, nothing will

Not great, in short. "Seth McFarlane spoon fed sexism and likewise innuendo through song, setting a terrible example for young children watching the show.” That was political and entertainment publicist Angie Meyer on FOX. "His opening monologue was rather inappropriate, providing a poor example of Academy Awards etiquette that's suitable for all audiences." Oof. Among MacFarlane’s japes last night was some banter with William Shatner, which involved mocking almost every A-lister in attendance. Then there was comparing Django Unchained with a Chris Brown and Rihanna ‘date night,’ not to mention a song in which MacFarlane pointed out all the Hollywood actresses who’d show their boobs on film. Juvenile? Definitely. Funny? Not in the slightest.

USA Today called MacFarlane “awash with self-indulgence” while adding "What MacFarlane seemed to forget was that the job at hand involved more than just performing... One longed for him to drop the meta-jokes about the fear that he'd be an inappropriate host and get on with the job of actually hosting." The Wrap meanwhile said "The worst thing I can say about this year's Oscar opening? This was originally supposed to be a list of Seth MacFarlane's best jokes.” With Tina Fey and Amy Poehler doing such a great job at the Golden Globes recently, there were even some calls on Twitter for them to take on the grandest stage of all, with one user - Times critic Kate Muir - writing “Here beginneth the campaign to have Tina Fey and Amy Poehler present the 2014 Oscars - they did so well at the Globes. RIP Seth MacFarlane.” One thing’s for sure, if his smug grin can get through this mauling, it can get through anything.