Seth Macfarlane was always a risky choice as Oscars host; his brash, unflinching style of humor was designed to suck in a younger audience, expanding on that coveted demographic, but what actually happened is he annoyed everyone.

He annoyed some people just because he’s pretty annoying, but, and more importantly, he managed to offend a rather large amount of ‘groups’. MacFarlane's jokes “reduced our finest female actresses to caricatures and stereotypes, degrading women as a whole and the filmmaking industry itself,” wrote Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal and Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson in a letter to Hawk Koch, president of the academy.“It is unacceptable for the entity that celebrates film-making and pop culture to have Seth MacFarlane deliver a misogynistic and degrading monologue against actresses who have shown courage in addressing thought-provoking and realistic life experiences on film," Lowenthal and Jackson wrote in their letter. They then asked the academy to condemn MacFarlane’s behavior and “commit to using better judgment in their future choices of content and hosts.” But in a fleeting moment of defence for MacFarlane: the producers, Craig Zadan and Neil Meron deserve some castigating, too.

Seth MacFarlane Family Guy 200th Episode Celebration at The Belasco Theater

Seth Macfarlane has made more friends than enemies recently. At least he's got this little guy

We’re expecting a far safer choice next year. Louis C.K was mooted even before Macfarlane put on his tux, but following his risqué performance, a man who writes jokes on how good it is to be white and aids might not be the family friendly choice. Someone like Jimmy Kimmel is far more likely, and he probably won’t try and sing and dance every 8 seconds, too.