Seth Macfarlance hosted The Oscars, and he hosted them badly; at least that’s the general consensus amongst the critics, so it comes as no surprise that The Family Guy creator won’t be donning that black tux again. Unless he’s nominated, but that’s equally unlikely.

Asked on Twitter whether he’s ever going host again, Macfarlane replied "No way. Lotta fun to have done it, though." We can only assume that the host, who dishes out a lot of pretty offensive jokes, hasn’t taken kindly to being reviewed negatively for his efforts on Sunday night. It turns out his disclaimer piece, which features William Shatner telling him how bad a host he’s been from time-travelled reviews, didn’t work either. His attempt at self-awareness wasn’t fooling anyone. Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, who produced the 3 ½ hour ceremony, have to take some of the heat, too. Critics were also scathing of the song-and-dance-heavy show. Perhaps if they had been good songs and daces, though…

Seth MacFarlane Family Guy 200th Episode Celebration at The Belasco Theater

Still smug - Seth Macfarlane

So a night of sexist jokes didn’t do MacFarlane any favors. But he’s been doing that for years in Family Guy, so don’t expect him to go anywhere, but equally, don’t expect to see him host The Oscars ever again. Jimmy Kimmel’s enhanced popularity might see him get the gig, but should season four of Louis C.K’s, Louie be as bit of a hit as the previous three, we think the comedian deserves his shot.